Host your audio content anywhere you want to

Whether your episodes are hosted on your own website or embedded from popular platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify or Stitcher, integration with WordPress is super easy when you use the Megaphone theme.

Audio player

The Megaphone theme features a powerful audio player with advanced features like the jump forward and skip back buttons, as well as playback speed control.

Simply paste the embed code into the WordPress post and the theme will magically display your episode inside the player. Of course, you can turn off this feature if you’d like to display the episode inside the post content.

Subscribe menu

The subscribe menu is another useful feature if you’d like to attract more subscribers. Just insert links to your podcast network profiles and grow your audience through multiple “subscribe” spots across the website:

Megaphone is a fully-featured WordPress theme created to help you set up and manage your audio podcast website in no time.

If you are having a hard time deciding, perhaps a free trial can help you see if this theme is what you are looking for:

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  • Episode 8... Granny's paella, a very special garden and Mr. Swampy! January 28, 2022
    Céire and Hazel take an unexpected train journey to bring your episode 8- our final episode of Season 1! Many thanks to this week’s cast: HOST: Hazel Johnson Age 9 NEWS REPORTERS: Emily O’Sullivan & Robert McCulloch Age 10 & 8 NEWS RESEARCH: Renee Power Age 11 AROUND THE WORLD: Isabel and Clara Hermira Donnelly […]
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